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Kulshan is awesome, highly recommended !!
I took a meditation course from Divine Lotus through Summerside Beach House programs because it was perfect opportunity to gain a new skill for everyday life as well to help me cope with my battles with anxiety. Kulshan helped me by learning different breathing techniques, learn more in depth about meditation and the “why” behind certain elements. I found it very fascinating and wanted to learn more about meditation and mindfulness, so I started to do my own research on my own time. And of course Kulshan was always available and willing to help and even checked in with each student as to how their practice is going. One thing I liked most about the course was the lecture before actually practicing meditation as it helped me focus and know the meaning behind things (i.e. the way you sit, chakras, etc.) Also when Kulshan gave examples of real life scenarios it helped put the context into everyday life. I found the experience to be very beneficial and I received a tool I could use every day and continue to practice and learn. I would recommend Divine Lotus to people who are suffering from anxiety and are looking at different techniques to learn how to cope. To the people who want to enhance their focus and attention by becoming mindful. People that are thinking of starting meditation but don’t know where or how to start; well Kulshan can help you take the first step.
Kulshan from Divine Lotus Wellness is very knowledgeable, congenial, empathetic  and a great listener. Her no-nonsense approach helps keep things in perspective. Highly recommend her classes and individual sessions!
Thank you for your teaching! I feel more confidence in  doing meditation  at home and feel more comfortable doing the breathing exercise.