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Divine Lotus Wellness provides professional services in the following areas:
  • Herbal Medicine

  • Life Balance Coaching

  • Meditation Sessions

  • Women’s Health

  • Stress Management

  • Ayurvedic Health & Wellness



Consultation & Fees
  • Initial appointment (approximately 90 min) - $110

    • Follow up appointment (60 min) - $75

  • Meditation sessions (Individual) - $150 (5 sessions 40 min each).

  • Group & Corporate Meditation sessions available. (Minimum10 participants required). Rates available upon request.


Please note: Our services are not covered by provincial health care. Some insurance companies may cover Herbal Medicine. Please contact your insurance company directly to check for your coverage eligibility. 

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please Note: Kulshan Gill is a Registered Herbalist and Mind Body medicine practitioner. Despite her education and training as a Family physician, she is not responsible, and will not be held liable for providing any medical diagnosis, pharmaceutical prescription or treatment for any medical related concerns which is out of scope of her current practice guidelines as a Registered Herbalist and Mind-Body medicine practitioner. Please consult your physician or other licensed primary health care provider for your specific medical concerns.