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About Us

PRANA is the Sanskrit word for “Life force” or “Vital energy”. It comprises all cosmic energy, permeating the Universe on all levels. In living beings, this universal energy is considered responsible for all bodily functions and maintaining a harmonious balance of Mind, Body & Spirit in its natural state. And when this equilibrium is imbalanced it creates DIS-EASE.


Divine Lotus Wellness was established by Kulshan Gill with a purpose to educate and encourage individuals to better understand holistic resources available for their health and well-being.  As an Herbalist and Mind Body medicine practitioner, I hope to empower clients in their journey to self-discovery and a balanced lifestyle.

Through my work and personal life experience I recognized the role STRESS played in causing DISEASE.  I also realized a growing need for educating and supporting individuals to better understand the association of stress and disease in their well-being. The more I explored, the more I learnt.  After gaining experience in a variety of healthcare areas I decided to pursue a different path, a path of education and knowledge sharing.  The decision to leave my medical career and the various opportunities associated with it was not easy.  In fact, it was quite the opposite and proved to be extremely stressful which led me to face this challenging issue first-hand.  This direct life experience strengthened my resolve to pursue my true purpose and passion to educate and coach individuals towards a healthier and balanced lifestyle.  The aim is to blend wisdom from both Eastern and Western philosophies to guide and support you, and encourage individuals to connect with their Mind, Body, and Spirit in becoming enlightened beings on their journey to self-discovery and healing.

Educational background:  To pursue my interest in healthcare and the art of healing, I first trained to become a Medical Doctor.  I graduated with a Medical Degree and completed clinical training in Family Medicine from India. However, with time and professional experience I got more curious, to see how the Mind and Body were connected at a mental, emotional and spiritual level in maintaining our natural state of balance and disease prevention. I was intrigued, and wanted to explore more.  To expand my knowledge and skills, I pursued other systems of healing and graduated with a Bachelor of Naturopathy from Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Toronto. I am a Registered Herbalist and professional member of the Alberta Herbalist Association. In addition, I completed the Mind-Body medicine course offered at Harvard Medical School. Certified as Calm Birth Meditation Teacher(Pregnancy & Childbirth), Certified as Life &Wellness Coach and did extensive training in Ayurveda, Meditation &Yoga therapy from India, Canada & USA.


As a Registered Herbalist and Mind-Body medicine practitioner, my primary area of interest and work is in Stress Management, Mindfulness, Women’s Health, Pregnancy & Childbirth meditation.  Experiencing my own personal journey with a daily meditation practice for several years now and evolving in my self  awareness, I believe the path to healing comes from within and requires viewing the body in a holistic manner, recognizing the synergy of the Mind, Body, and Spirit within each individual.


Our Philosophy

Change begins at the individual level, and I feel the best way for things to improve in our life, is to begin the change within ourselves.  Whether you are seeking Herbal remedies for your health concerns or wish to understand how to cope with a stressful or confusing situation that you may be confronting, or perhaps you are simply seeking to gain an internal awakening of your true self and suppressed emotions, you will be encouraged to explore all avenues in creating a healthy lifestyle. My healthcare philosophy is one of supported independence, with minimum intervention, to help individuals re-discover the tangible and practical ways of regaining balance in their life. I simply provide the guidance to help you discover your true being and discover health.


At Divine Lotus Wellness, the aim is to blend wisdom from both Eastern and Western philosophies to support you, and create awareness of the Here and Now. The enhanced awareness gained through your own dedication and practice will empower you to remain centered through life’s challenges.  Bringing positive change in our lives takes time and effort, and with a little guidance, it is possible.